The real Janet Taylor (left) during home video with friends. Kari Barbier-Gillespie (right) potraying Janet Taylor in Border Break.

About Border Break

Border Break was shot with two styles in mind: documentary, and reenactment.

The Documentary
The documentary portions of the film consist of key interviews with Susan Taylor (Janet's mother), Efran Nicols, seized policed video footage, and sporadic interviews from individuals in public. This process allows the film to capture a wide range of evidence and opinions, both biased and unbiased, which allows the viewer to draw an educated viewpoint about Janet Taylor's disappearance.

The Reenactment
The production crew has gathered enough interviews, accounts, and evidence to develop a reenactment of Janet Taylor's disappearance. The production crew has ensured that the reenactments are as accurate as humanly possible. Every possible aspect, the sets, wardrobe, even weapons were given the undivided atten- tion needed to assure accuracy.

Missing: Janet Taylor, Border Break - Google: Help Find Janet Taylor

Get Involved
Feel free to download the Janet Taylor Missing Flyer and help spread the word in your own neighborhood. Remeber, there are thousands of Janet Taylors in the world...